5 GHz
  • Item No. : Outdoor AP router 11a RT2880
  • Product Name : High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE AP PCBA
Outdoor AP router 11a RT2880
Description :
Part No. : AF-2858V-02
W-LAN Outdoor Application, 802.11a AP ROUTER

ARGtek Outdoor AP router 11a RT2880 supports fully the features and functional compliance of IEEE 802.11a and 802.11a/n standards and operate in 5GHz bands. It enables the latest updated QoS–WMM, WMM-PS , and supports MIMO. The connectivity shows powerfully high throughput from an extended distance and presents end users the greatest performance.
Features :
  1. Adjustment of ACK Timeout
  2. User-Defined Default Settings
  3. Quality of Service
  4. SNMP
  5. Remote Reset and Restore <--new

Specification :



IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11a/n(mixed mode)

MAC/BB Processor


Frequency Band

5GHz 11a ISM Band; 5.18GHz ~ 5.825 Ghz

Data Rate

802.11a: Up to 54Mbps
802.11a/n: Up to 150Mbps

LED indicators

Power /Link/Ethernet


4M Flash/ 32M SDRAM

Ethernet interface

One 10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet connector

Transmitter Power

802.11a23±2dBm@54Mbps, 26±2dBm@6Mbps
802.11a/n (mixed mode)
23± 2 dBM

Receive Sensitivity

-70dBm@802.11n rate MCS7
-73dBm@54Mbps, -95dBm@6Mbps

Operating Range

Up to 3KM, depending on surrounding environment

Power Consumption

Transmit:<600mA, Receive:<300mA


Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) data encryption

Dynamic WEP key exchange

WEP64/128, WPA, WPA2 802.1x


12V, 1.25A / 1.5A through RJ-45 connector. Maximum input Voltage =40V

Operating Temperature

0~55 Celsius

Storage Temperature

-10 ~ 70 Celsius





Safety/Quality Approvals :
Package Contents :

*Developed by ARGtek*

Key Feature 


Adjustment of ACK Timeout

This function allows users to adjust the time for ACK timeout according to various link distances. The amount of time, in microseconds, should be greater than sum of the transmission time of packets to the device, processing and response time of packets via the device, and the transmission time of packets to the linking end. The more the link distance between the linking devices, the more the time for ACK timeout. Users can adjust the time for ACK timeout in AF-2858-V02.
User-Defined Default Settings The Quality of Service(QoS) of AF-2858-V01-PCBA supports many different types of classification, rate limitation, and DSCP remarking. The SoC software QoS is based on the Linux Qdiscs, TC, and iptables. The QoS architecture is composed several modules. The classifier module classifies incoming packets into the shaper module. The shaper module has 4 groups to do rate limitation, and then the remark module rewrites the DSCP field of the packet if it is necessary.
Quality of Service  
Remote Reset and Restore When the device is installed at a remote site, the function of Remote Reset and Restore will become more important for the purpose of remote maintenance and control. In general, the maintenance is needed to reset the device and to restore the user-defined default settings or factory default settings. Via the maintenance way of AF2858-V02-PCBA, users need not physically access the device. The only activity they do is to reset AF2858-V02-PCBA and reload the user-defined AF2858-V02-PCBA default settings from the configuration web page of the device. After the remote operations, the device will restore the user-defined default state or factory default settings.
  From 2014-9 Production support this feature

SNMP testing