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  • Item No. : ARG-TB
  • Product Name : Turbo Booster
Turbo Booster
Description :
Power Up & Down Wherever You Are

Output power is always big issue of wireless products. High power can gain more penetrative signal and low power can gain more stable signal. So the wireless products which adjust the power are current demand for reaching different convenience. Turbo Booster is software that used for controlling the output power without causing damage for substance. You are able to adjust the power up to the place where you are. For example, you may raise power when the wireless signal is weak and diminish power for giving steady signal.

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Features :
1. Adjust the putout power for 4 levels.
2. Easy to install & use.
3. Control power without casusing damage to device
Specification :

Extra Long Distance

1KM Efficiency Range, High Penetration

Long Distance

500M Efficiency Range, Well Performance In Long Coverage

Middle Distance

100M Efficiency Range, Stable & High Transmission

Short Distance

20M Efficiency Range, Household Network