About ARGtek
ARGtek Communication Inc. Limited was established in IT & software business since Oct.2002. ARGtek is a professional Design & manufacturing company. With our own 《core controller IC》&《Design》&《RD Team》, we develop 《High Power》Wireless LAN & Network product Series and also have 30% Indoor Booster markets share all over theworld. Because of our strong design abilities, we are proud of Wireless Total solution Design leader.We offer our customers “Imaginative” & “Innovative” to enlarge and enjoy the Wireless life.

Our Mission is to design more 《Low cost》&《High quality》&《Easy Use》 proudcts & solutions to our users and make Wireless World with Fashionable & colorful styles.

ARGtek had Booster with 802.11g compatible product announced.
Our first time to deliver instant USB recovery key.
ARGtek had the All in One Total Solution (CPE) for Wireless available.
ARGtek announced UDC 922/350 Mhz with WiFi protocol.
ARGtek successes to deliver high power AP/Router, WLAN USB adapter,
and IEEE802.11a compatible booster products
ARGtek engaged Realtek solutions in products also working on partnership.
IEEE802.11n compatible boosters, High Power USB adapter series,
Low cost AP and WiFi + Bluetooth combo USB Dongles are ready.
ARGtek announced 802.11a/b/g/n total solutions.
11a/b/g/n series and 11b/g/n series USB dongle are ready.
ARGtek engaged Portable Touch Panel in WinTouch brand which is a patent
ARGtek announced 802.11b/g PCI Wireless Desktop Adapter - PCI Card .
ARGtek provided a new networking solution - Give Me Five WLAN USB Adapter
ARGtek announced new indoor AP Router series - 802.11b/g/n MIMO(2T2R),
802.11a/b/g/n Dual Band & 3G Router
ARGtek provided the CPE total solutions - Dual Band 2.4GHz/5GHz a/b/g/n CPE &
2.4GHz MIMO (2T2R) 300Mbps CPE
- ARGtek engaged TouchPanel in WinTouch brand which is a patent product. The USB Adapter with GM5 Software Support – GM5 USB Adapter Series.

ARGtek presented free style indoor/outdoor CPE 2312 (2.4GHz) & 2316 (5GHz).

ARGtek upgraded the ARG-1210 Power King – X by new IC 8196C and provide 3
languages options firmware (English, Chinese, Simplified Chinese).
The new 5GHz IC Solution, Atheros, was one option for ARGtek 5GHz CPE.
ARGtek provided powerful Wi-Fi PCBA, Dual Brand 2.4 & 5GHz 3T3R 450Mbps
PCBA RT3883.
- The new software support GM5 USB Adapter Series. i-Smith & Turbo Booster. New CPE series-Turbo Station ARG-2312 & 2316.
ARGtek announced new indoor AP/Router 1500mW 3 antennas 2.4GHz in Ralink RT3052 solution ARG-1211.
ARGtek announced new indoor WLAN USB adapter 1500mW 2 antennas 2.4GHz ARG-1100.
ARGtek announced new software for 5G Outdoor CPE/AP –Adjustment of ACK Timeout/User-Defined Default Settings/Quality of Service/SNMP
Remote Reset and Restore
ARGtek announced new indoor/outdoor AP/ Router 1500mW celling 2.4GHz ARG-1218. Atheros 2.4G/5G AP CPE and 11AC series are going to be announced in 3Q
Announced AI-ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

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